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Avar Consulting provides professional services in various fields, from program evaluation to survey research...

Program Evaluation
Survey Design
Sampling Design & Exec
Statistical Modeling
Economic Analysis
Data Processing & Mining
Website Development
Web Survey & Data
Focus Group Studies
Market Research
Litigation Support
Psychometric Testing
Training & Tech Assistance
Program Support
Conference Management

Program Evaluation:  develop conceptual framework and evaluation measures, design data collection instruments and evaluation methodology, collect and analyze data, present findings, and write evaluation reports.

Survey Design: formulate research questions, develop data collection instruments, and determine appropriate survey mode(s).

Sampling Design & Execution: identify and construct sampling frame(s), develop sampling strategies (e.g., SRS, stratified, cluster, PPS, multi-level, etc.), determine appropriate sample size(s), estimate sampling error and design effects, select samples in accordance with the sampling design, and manage samples throughout the course of  a survey.

Statistical Modeling, Analysis, & Reporting: design statistical models/techniques based on research questions, analyze data using appropriate software (e.g., SPSS, SAS, etc.), present analysis results in graphics, and write study reports.


Economic Analysis: econometrics/econometric modeling, cost-benefit analysis, policy analysis, economic simulation and risk assessment/analysis, Monte Carlo methods, microsimulation, regulatory and policy impact studies.


Data Processing & Data Mining: data entry, data cleaning/editing, data weighting, and exploratory analyses.

Database Development & Management: design, develop, and manage various types of databases using Access 2003, Oracle PL/SQL, Developer 2000, DMBS 7.0, and DB4.

Website Development and Maintenance: design, develop, host, and maintain websites for projects or clients.

Web Survey & Web-based Data Management: design and program web-based survey questionnaires, establish security protocols for accessing online instruments, import and export survey data, enable online data processing, analysis, and reporting of survey data.

Focus Group Studies: develop sampling strategies, recruit focus group subjects, provide logistic support, moderate group discussion, analyze data, and report findings.

Market Research: develop predictive models to determine market potentials, perform customer segmentation analysis, evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, perform web traffic/sales analysis, and conduct customer satisfaction/insight surveys.

Litigation Support: provide expert consultancy on research methodology including study design, sampling design, statistical models, and analytical techniques.

Psychometric Testing: test instrument validity and reliability using a variety of statistical techniques.


Training & Technical Assistance (TTA): conduct grantee training via conferences/workshops, webinars, and site visits; monitor program progress; design and develop web-based training and technical assistance services; provide on-site technical assistance; develop printed and electronic resources to support TTA activities; develop online and physical resource collections to support TTA.


Program Support: review program implementation plans, perform on-going data quality control, and provide feedback to both government agencies and program grantees.

Conference Management: develop content and support all logistical activities for events; conduct outreach and promotion for events; develop and manage web-based online registration, payment, and speaker paper/document submission; develop conference programs and materials.

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